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Become ​​​a Master of the Art, Technique, and Philosophy of Storytelling through your Camera.

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My free 60-minute class will dive deep into the three retouching secrets that will transform your work forever!

If you feel like you’ve been struggling with retouching in the past and can’t grasp it, or you're spending too much time making your vision come to life, I’m here to help!


You will learn…

How to discreetly remove distractions from your images.

How to save time and energy while creating magic.

How to make your vision come to life.

How to manipulate layers in Photoshop.

How to elevate your retouching techniques!

The three retouching techniques that ALL photographers need.

PLUS, you’ll receive these free gifts just for attending!

A Little Book on Photography



I share my inspirations and my philosophy on making great pictures. Filled with my photography and containing the basic axioms of photography, this book feeds the soul of the photographer. Start believing and stop doubting.

The Moment of Emotional Impact



This book teaches the how and why of creating emotional impact – the reason for taking great pictures. I’ll share what inspires me, helpful tips and my insights on what creates emotional impact and how to capture it in your own photos.

"Whenever you lift your camera to capture another person – newborn, small, grown-up or old – you are doing the world a favor. You preserve a moment, a spirit, a mood for the person in that photo, as well as for others. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make people proud of themselves. Make them beautiful, memorable, validated and alive forever. "

Thorsten von Overgaard

Create unique, dramatic, and impactful artwork.

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“I feel like I have a real understanding and foundation in how to make a picture now.”

“Being able to learn not just Thorsten’s technique but also his philosophical approach to taking portraits has transformed my ability and approach to photography. Incredible”

“I needed this. I love taking portraits but they never look like the images I aspire to. Not only was this educational but a pleasure to read. Most importantly my photography has improved and everyone is noticing. Thanks Thorsten!”