The Portrait Book


How to make people look beautiful

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This book is for you if…

You struggle to capture portraits that you are really proud of, consistently.

You don’t know how to capture the right moment when taking portraits.

You feel like you aren’t using light properly in your shots.

Imagine you could…

  • Create portraits that you, your friends and family are amazed by.
  • Be able to create and capture magic moments.
  • Use light like a pro to take masterful portraits.
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“Whenever you lift your camera to capture another person – newborn, small, grown-up or old – you are doing the world a favor. You preserve a moment, a spirit, a mood for the person in that photo, as well as for others. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make people proud of themselves. Make them beautiful, memorable, validated and alive forever.”

– Thorsten von Overgaard

What you'll learn

I wrote The Portrait Book to inspire, teach and make the art of portrait photography something anybody can do with excellent results.

In The Portrait Book, I share all my techniques and tricks and also my philosophy surrounding portraiture. 

I’ll help you improve your images whether headshots, group photos, planned shoots, un-planned shoots, whatever your format. You’ll learn how to us light in a way that will make your subjects beautiful, how to compose your images artfully, which lens will give you the right look, how to pose you subjects and much, much more.

The Portrait Book has been a labor of love over the last 2 years. Whether you are just getting started with photography or you are a professional, this book will inspire you and teach you everything you need to master portrait photography.

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Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“Being able to learn not just Thorsten’s technique but also his philosophical approach to taking portraits has transformed my ability and approach to photography. Incredible”

“This book is packed full of inspiration, education and wonderful photography. I’m learning so much and look forward to simplifying my approach and taking better portraits.”

“I needed this. I love taking portraits but they never look like the images I aspire to. Not only was this educational but a pleasure to read. Most importantly my photography has improved and everyone is noticing. Thanks Thorsten!”


The Portrait Book


How to make people look beautiful

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